Trezor Launches New Desktop And Web Interface

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Trezor hardware wallet


According to a Trezor blog post from 14 July, a production version of the Suite app — which will replace the current Trezor Wallet web app as the main interface for the company’s hardware wallet — is now available to all Trezor users. New firmware for the Trezor Model T and Model One has also been released, the company said in the announcement.

While yesterday’s release didn’t introduce any new functions to the web app, it brings significant improvements to its usability, privacy, and security. The update also brings a number of bug fixes that have been highlighted by the Trezor community, with more set to be introduced in the following weeks. Trezor also plans on introducing coin control, full node support, a Trezor mobile app, password manager, and support for Cardano (ADA) in the coming months.

“Trezor Suite is still a fresh, brand-new product so development will continue with new updates and features available every month for the foreseeable future,” the company said in the blog. 

Trezor Suite comes with native Tor integration—users will be able to turn Tor on with a single click and have their internet traffic automatically and anonymously rerouted. The fact that Trezor Suite works best as a desktop app mitigates the risk of phishing and enables the software build to be independently verified. 

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