The popular secure mobile blockchain ticketing platform, TIXnGO revealed the start of Health n Go, its health certificate mobile distribution platform, which aims to ease the lockdown situation the world is still in due to COVID-19.

TIXnGO is actually re-using its current blockchain-based technology, which gives its creators the confidence that Health n Go can easily deliver health certificates at scale, in accordance with all corporate and government norms, and with security in mind.

Recently TIXnGO has been distributing tickets for major sporting events through its blockchain technology. This is proof that the platform is more than effective at scale because some of the events are part of major European sports organizations such as UEFA (The Union of European Football Associations).


About Health n Go

The new solution is meant to deliver digital health certificates safely from a trusted authority e.g. a medical practitioner or health institution. It uses the latest tech trends in blockchain, mobile, and AI machine learning to battle efforts of certificate fraud. Health n Go can be hosted on a public or private cloud and is completely GDPR compliant.

When the platform issues a new health certificate, it is secured by a unique, encrypted, and fully traceable ID. Users can store these health certificates in a wallet, part of their smartphones. Once the certificate is requested the individual just has to take out his phone and show the QR code which can be then scanned.

Thanks to the unique ID, duplicating or counterfeiting a certificate is basically impossible, as the platform monitors any patterns of fraud attempts and will revoke a certificate in such cases.

CEO of TIXnGO and Health n Go, Frédéric Longatte, commented on the new development:

“In light of the coronavirus crisis, we can see a potential role for the secure delivery of personal digital assets such as a health certificate. It isn’t for us to define the precise use of the technology, that is a decision to be taken by governments. But as new scientific evidence comes to light and response strategies evolve, we are ready to work with governments and corporations to apply this technology, when they deem the time is right.”

Swiss international companies, civil and military organizations are already evaluating Health n Go, while further pilots are expected to be run shortly.

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