It looks like the interest of students in blockchain and crypto is not going to descend any time soon. According to a study, made by digital currency exchange Coinbase and published Wednesday, the academic community is taking the topic quite seriously.

Coinbase examined the classes’ portfolio of the top 50 universities in the world (as per the U.S. News & World Report rank) and came to the conclusion that 56% of them already have crypto or blockchain classes available for their students to choose from. In comparison, the study results for the same thing last year showed 42%. This and all following questions from the survey were performed in association with the survey site Qriously.  

In addition to the main topic, Coinbase also surveyed 735 students aged above 16, to check whether they are interested in blockchain and crypto courses. The result was again positive – a 6 percent increase in sympathy in comparison with the previous year’s result of 28%.


Another increase was seen in the number of students who actually take upon a blockchain or crypto class. This year’s result is twice as big in comparison to last year’s with 18 percent. It seems that most universities think about the future of our children or as Oceane Boulais, a teaching assistant at MIT cryptoethics class put it:

“We really care about imagining what the world will be like if a distributed ledger underpins the Internet of the future.”

An interesting fact is that almost 70% of all blockchain and crypto classes are in departments different from Computer Science. Some universities include their crypto classes in the economics, law and even humanities departments.

Of course, all this activity wouldn’t be possible without students clubs. According to Coinbase they are a major driver of interest as 41 of the examined universities have crypto or blockchain – related groups that are ran by students. As Joseph Ferrera, Cornell Blockchain club Co-Founder and recent graduate comments:

“With crypto you get to shape the field and become a leader.”