Steve Wozniak Invested in a Blockchain-Based Energy Saving Firm in Malta

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of tech giant Apple, has invested in and co-founded a new blockchain-based enterprise that aims to improve energy efficiency, The Malta Independent reported on July 18.

Speaking at the pre-launch for the Delta Summit, a blockchain event held in Malta, Wozniak said that the project, dubbed Efforce, will allow investors to support energy efficient projects around the world. He also stated that the company’s goal is not only to save money on energy, but to also help the environment. He also spoke about how blockchain can greatly help the public decrease their environmental impact, without having to change their habits.

According to the report the company’s other co-founder, Jacopo Visetti, has already been exploring the renewable energy and environment sector for some years. During the event, he stated that the company is headquartered in Malta because the country “was the most open-minded country we could find in the world in terms of new technology”. According to the Efforce Linkedin page the company has the goal of being recognised as the “first and main platform in the world for tokenised energy savings.”


The choice of Malta comes as no surprise, as the island nation has been very proactive with blockchain technology. For a while now, the Maltese government has been trying to become a “Blockchain Island”, and it furthered this goal last year, when it passed 3 bills related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This is also not the first time that Wozniak has dabbled with blockchain. Last year he co-founded a blockchain investment project dubbed EQUI Global, which aims to support investments in blockchain solutions.