A digital interpretation of the planet Earth as if seen from space

The Enjin ecosystem has been seeing a lot of action recently, all of which culminated in the announcement that a public alpha version of highly anticipated MMORPG Space Misfits is out.

For the unaware Enjin is a blockchain-powered Platform as a Service solution, which utilises many of the benefits blockchains provide in order to offer unique capabilities to game developers. Apart from technical innovation, Enjin has a distinctive offering that VC-funded companies cannot match – an excited community of thousands of ICO investors. A rather unappreciated benefit of this modern way of crowdfunding, it has been heavily utilised by the developers of Space Misfits, who claimed in a blog post:

Being in marketing for over 15 years I couldn’t believe the instantly overwhelming positive reactions we were getting and how willing everyone was to support us!
We quickly learned how loyal the Enjin community was and we decided to pledge our loyalty in return. It was clear at that point that Enjin was not only a community — it was a movement.

The massive community support from a large Telegram group helped the team complete a successful Kickstarter campaign and brought a massive number of alpha version enthusiasts to test the game. The initial push of having thousands of community members eager to play the game and advertise the end product could often be the difference between a failed startup and a massive success.


As for Space Misfits, it is a project that evolved during the development process, turning from a MobA game to a MMORPG in the span of a few months. In its current alpha version form, it only has single player support. The MMO capabilities are expected to be made available as the final version nears completion.

The game makes heavy use of Enjin’s blockchain capabilities, and developers have showered the ease of use provided by the Enjin platform:

Thanks to Enjin’s robust suite of development tools, we successfully completed that blockchain integration within 14 hours.

The most important benefit from using a blockchain is the drastically lowered risk of fraud. The Space Misfits team point out that one out of every 7.5 digital assets in regular games is being lost to cyber criminals. The valuation of those items exceeds a billion dollars per year.

The blockchain also allows for interoperability with other games, meaning that valuable assets found in one game can be reused in another one. Last but not least, the items “owned” by gamers are not simply numbers saved on a company server somewhere. Ownership can be proven with the possession of a private key, meaning that for the first time in gaming history, true ownership of in-game assets can be accomplished. Space Misfits is making use of each and every one of those blockchain-specific advantages.