Sony & Fujitsu Initiate Blockchain Field Trial for Educational Data Integrity

Japanese tech giants Sony and Fujitsu are teaming up to trial blockchain technology that will improve the integrity and management of course records and grade data, Sony announced in a press release on Feb. 27.

This Wednesday, Sony Global Education Inc., Fujitsu Limited, and Fujitsu Research Institute, initiated a field trial to test the viability of blockchain technology in management of course records and exam grades. Human Academy, an educational institution for foreign students, will also be collaborating.

During the trial, students that hope to study in Japan will take a language course, “Nihongo Dojo”, which will help them prepare for the Nihongo Kentei language proficiency test. Through the use of Fujitsu’s digital learning platform Fisdom, the students’ data, such as study logs and grade information, will be stored and managed as unfalsifiable data on a blockchain.

According to the press release, students and workers are expected to submit results from Japanese classes and tests, completed prior to arriving in Japan, before starting their employment or education. This data is not always easy to confirm, Sony explained:

In the past, there have been cases when educational institutions have had difficulty confirming the validity of foreign students’ course results. In terms of language ability, this has led to issues as appropriate instruction suited to a person’s ability was not provided after coming to Japan, and the institution was subsequently unable to offer job search support.

Blockchain technology can offer a solution to this issue, by providing educational institutions with a reliable way to secure the needed information, and verify a student’s learning credentials.

The government of Malta revealed a similar initiative last week. In an attempt to combat forgery, the Maltese government plans to harness the power of Blockchain by issuing all education certificates on it.