Samsung CEO Koh Dong-Jin
Samsung CEO Koh Dong-Jin. Engineering360

On July 15, The Stellar Development Foundation announced their new collaboration with Samsung, aiming to expand and improve the blockchain ecosystem experience for consumers, while also recruiting and supporting new developers on the network.

Through this partnership, Stellar’s developers will be able to create blockchain apps and services for Samsung devices and continue to build on the Stellar platform to successfully utilize the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. Over 4 million users of Stellar’s network will have the opportunity to enjoy this new feature and make use of the flexibility of Samsung’s SDK.

“Stellar’s integration into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a significant step for our network and the incredible ecosystem of applications built on this platform,” said Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of SDF.


She then added:

“Samsung provides a key management solution that is user-friendly and drives greater adoption of blockchain technology. With this integration, we’ve opened up to a new network of users that can benefit from the combined innovation of Stellar and Samsung.”

The Stellar Development Foundation supports the development and growth of Stellar while constantly maintaining its codebase. Since its appearance in 2014, it has backed Stellar’s various activities towards creating equitable access to the global financial system. The integration of Stellar on Samsung Galaxy smartphones has significantly empowered developers to continue working towards the realization of this idea and expand the set of financial tools on the platform.

The Samsung models eligible for the integration are the Galaxy S20 Series, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 10 Series, Galaxy Fold, and the Galaxy S10 series. The company reported that, at the time of the announcement, at least four other Stellar-based businesses have committed to the adoption of the required SDKs to make their applications available on the Keystore, including DSTOQ, SatoshiPay, Litemint, and Nodle.

Stellar is the fifth major blockchain that is supported by the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, along with Bitcoin, Ethereum Tron, and Kakao’s Klaytn. The organization has openly expressed its intention to further empower developers and users to leverage blockchain and the capabilities presented by this integration.