Quarterly ICO Report: Focus on Pre-Sale if You Want to Raise More Funds

Modern initial coin offerings usually split their fundraiser into several stages, one of them being the pre-sale. Turns out, that stage is much more important than most people think.

According to data from the ICO Market Research Q3 2018 report by ICORating, ICOs that allocate more tokens to their pre-sale tend to raise more funds.

In Q3 2018, out of the 254 projects that raised more than $100,000, close to 100 allocated less than 10% of their digital asset to the pre-sale. About 70 allocated 11 – 20% with the lowest amount of projects allocating 51 – 60%.


Further data from the report shows that, projects that allocated 51 – 60% of their crypto asset to the pre-sale had the highest, by far, median funds raised. The lowest scorers were projects that allocated 31 – 40% and the second lowest were projects that allocated up to 10%.

Moreover, projects that allocated less than 10% to their pre-sale were unsuccessful 67% of the time. Unsuccessful projects, as per the report, were projects that failed to reach their soft cap or raised less than $500,000.

The most successful of the bunch were projects that allocated 51 – 60% to the pre-sale, with the second place being occupied by projects that went for 21 – 30%.

The reason behind this is most probably due to the fact that, pre-sales tend to have higher individual investment caps, if any, and also tend to attract a lot of interest (if marketed correctly) due to higher bonuses compared to the main crowdsale.