Quant, Constellation Building the Decentralized IoT Future

  • The two companies aim to solve current IoT problems by providing robust access to data and blockchain interoperability.
  • A recent paper titled “An Internet for Automation with IoT and Edge Devices” goes into technical details on exactly how the two companies will cooperate.
Isometric smart city futuristic concept

Isometric smart city futuristic concept. Freepik

Humanity has been stacking up data ever since the advent of the internet, with most of it being created in the past several years. Naturally, this interconnected world gave birth to the concepts of IoT and big data.

All of a sudden we envisioned a world where our machines did smart decisions on their own, based on previous experience, while simultaneously communicating with other machines around the world.

However, problems such as security and privacy instantly rose to hinder progress, healthily holding back a groundbreaking idea. With the advent of blockchain, some of the problems the IoT systems of the future might face finally started to seem manageable.

In that line of thought, Constellation Network and Quant Network have partnered up to create an ecosystem for the commercialization of blockchain. Constellation Network is a San Francisco-based software, big data, and blockchain company while Quant Network created the first blockchain operating system called Overledger, solving interoperability of blockchain protocols at scale.

In a recent paper titled “An Internet for Automation with IoT and Edge Devices” and published on the Constellation Network website, the two companies go into detail on how their combined efforts will help set new standards in IoT, AI, and big data.

In short, Constellation and Quant will provide a “robust security for IoT and interoperability of data between systems and devices for use cases like connected cities”.

The concept of smart cities has been around for a while now and theorizes potential benefits such as improved energy distribution and better air quality, however, various problems have held progress back despite billions in investments.

Constellation and Quant aim aim to speed up progress again by providing an end-to-end system that encompasses the entire development process – from sandbox testing to production-ready real-time deployments.

“The third generation of blockchain technologies includes plug-in-play interfaces with functional operating systems, like the Quant Network, and robust developer solutions that meet the existing needs of data science,” says Benjamin Jorgensen, CEO, and co-founder of Constellation Network.

Jorgensen continues in his statement:

“With nearly 28 billion devices coming online by 2022, that’s nearly 4 devices for every person that produces 1.7megs of data every second. The Quant and Constellation partnership introduces an end-to-end development ecosystem that accommodates a world of big data.”

“Truly Connected Cities is an exciting prospect,” said Gilbert Verdian, founder and CEO Quant Network, “and we’re delighted that this partnership with Constellation will make a significant contribution to accelerating their development. We live in a hyper-connected world which is only going to grow, together we’re laying the secure and interoperable foundations to make machine-to-machine communication and data a reality.”

The aforementioned paper goes into much more technical detail, depicting each company’s role in the partnership with real-world use cases as well as going over current IoT and big data hurdles.

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