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According to a OKEx’s press release, which was published on 19 March, Cosmostation will act as a validator node on the OKExChain network. Cosmostation is an enterprise-level validator provider and end-user application developer, which is running nodes for protocols such as Cosmos, Band, and Chainlink. Nearly $3 billion in assets have already been staked using Cosmostation infrastructure.

The integration of Cosmostation will allow users on OKExChain to easily and safely stake their tokens to earn rewards, and enable them to access its entire product range, which includes noncustodial mobile and web wallets, as well as the Mintscan Block Explorer. The explorer is currently used as the official Cosmos ecosystem explorer and has been developed to meet the specification of Cosmos SDK-based networks, which include the OKExChain.

Cosmostation isn’t the only partner to join the OKExChain ecosystem this quarter, however. Six other major blockchain companies have partnered with the network, including Chains Guard, Beosin, Certik, PeckShield, Known-Sec, and Chaitin.


The new partners will help the network prepare to switch on its EVM-compatible feature in the following months. OKExChain has been following a phased launch since December 2020 and is set to enable Ethereum developers to migrate their applications to the network this year.

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