New Startup, World Open Network, Aims to Create a Welcoming Blockchain Ecosystem

A new blockchain-based startup has announced their goal to create products and services centered around users. Friendly user interfaces are only a handful in the blockchain sphere and it is one of the main goals of the World Open Network (WON) to fix this problem.

Additionally, the project will also strongly focus on security and scam-proof actions on their platform as crypto is riddled with malicious activity.

The main mission of the project is to break the “vicious cycle” that the blockchain industry currently finds itself in, and encourage “diversity, innovation and sustainable growth”.

WON inspires and encourages people to do valuable actions and make decisions which support social responsibility. […] The time has come for the emergence of a real consumer use case and cryptocurrency platform that promotes positive behavior and rewards positive impacts on the world.

World Open Network will consist of a couple of components i.e. the World Open Blockchain (WOB) and the WON platform. The former will have the capability to support “millions of transactions per second and millions of DApps” while the latter will allow third-party developers to create software for the platform.

In the first stage of development, titled Genesis, WON will focus on game developers, who will be allowed to launch their own titles as well as currencies.

These currencies will enable video game players to purchase in-game assets and thus allow the developers to collect resources and further improve their project.

The first notable third-party developer to launch a coin on the World Open Network will be Top Games Inc., mostly known for their game “Evony: The King’s Return”. The launch will be timed with the launch of the WON.

The team behind the World Open Network project say that their product will be fully ready for use when launched as it will include digital assets that users will be able to buy right off the bat.