Missing jigsaw puzzle pieces

Nervos announced it will be integrating both its testnet and mainnet with Covalent, a global provider of indexing solutions for blockchain networks. According to a press release published on 23 September, the integration will simplify the process of building dApps on Polyjuice, an Etehreum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer running on top of Nervos. 

The historical data behind transactions on a blockchain is a valuable source that can be used to help developers and teams improve their projects and enhance interconnectivity in the space. However, extracting that data requires special infrastructure that most blockchains don’t have.  

Covalent will provide a unified API to Nervos that will bring full transparency and visibility across the blockchain network. Its dataset supports over 25 billion transactions, 30,000 price feeds, and 200,000 smart contracts for querying. Using the Covalent API will enable developers to pull Nervos mainnet data, and easily access the network via the unified API. 


The blockchain data available through the API will include token balances per address, historical transactions per address, historical prices by address and ticker symbol, and decoded log events. 

“Both Nervos Network and Covalent share a vision of a global economy that is public and decentralized. At Covalent, we are getting there by building an accessible Web3 data layer and indexing Nervos which is making meaningful changes in creating universal blockchain solutions,” said Ganesh Swami, the Co-Founder and CEO at Covalent.

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