Illustration of a savvy businessman selling an idea to a crowd of people holding BIP tokens
Illustration of a savvy businessman selling an idea to a crowd of people holding BIP tokens. Minter

A private invite-only event organized by the Minter Development Foundation under the name “Minter Demo Day” took place in Moscow, Russia on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, the company announced in a press release.

More than 100 people attended the forum, which showcased the possibilities for practical applications of the Minter blockchain. Visitors could participate in eight workshops lead by members of the core team.

Also, 13 presentations were given by some of the developers and founders of the network’s main projects, which were meticulously selected earlier. There were many more applications for participation, but just the 13 teams were included.


Hundreds of IT experts were involved and the high interest in the event was expected, considering that BIP and custom coins already allow consumers and businesses alike to make essential transactions such as booking hotels or flights, buying gas, food and many other lines of products. More than 100,000 people are already using Minter, averaging 30,000 transactions and 10,000 users daily.

Different subjects and issues were discussed during the workshops, including “Blockchain project incorporation: benefits and risks”, “Minter iOS SDK: the definitive guide to launching fast” and others. Minter’s official website will soon host some of the video presentations conducted during the event.

“I am pleased with everything, great meetup organization. Convenient location, eye-catching interior, high-quality sound – there is nothing to complain about. The content was spot on, with important news from the team and engaging presentations from the participants greatly balanced. Minter is developing, the community too, the project is alive and well,” said Sergey Saliy, founder of the blockchain data explorer MinterScan. “I was not expecting anything specific, I just view everything ‘as is.’ Shoutout to [the] Minter team, thank you for the cool event!”

Future upgrades to the ecosystem were noted as follows:

Minter 1.1

  • Limited custom coins supply
  • Multi-signature wallets owned by up to 32 addresses with varying voting weights
  • Minimum reserve (frozen permanently) instead of custom coin liquidation
  • Mining rewards distributed on each 120th block and, in the future, upon request

These upgrades are subject to discussion and will be implemented if two-thirds of the validators vote for them. New testnet and explorer features are already available.

Minter 2.0

  • Smart contract system
  • New MApps concept
  • Trustless Service for interconnectivity with external blockchains and introduction of atomic swaps
  • Own API

Minter 2.0 is expected to be launched in Q2 2020, with the first testnet anticipated by late January 2020.