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According to the announcement, the testnet includes simplifications to the platform’s Optimistic Rollups protocol, as well as upgrades for its node software. V4 will also include new features, such as support for BLS signatures and upgraded bridges. The introduction of BLS signatures is set to reduce the L1 costs, while the new bridge will support general calls from L1 to L2 and L2 back to L1.

While Arbitrum’s open and permissionless testnet has been running for five months, the company said it would still keep the release candidate on the testnet before shipping it to the mainnet. This will enable both the company and the developers to get acquainted with the network and provide leverage if any problems should arise.

As another safety precaution, once the mainnet launches, Arbitrum will maintain the ability to upgrade and pause the system for a few months.


“Despite having done significant security diligence on our code, we believe this is necessary until we have some mainnet mileage behind us,” the Arbitrum team explained in the announcement.

To remain transparent about the network’s limitations, the initial release of the V4 will be called the “mainnet beta.” The moniker will be used until all control of the protocol is transferred to the community, Arbitrum said.

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