LA Kings Fans Can Now Verify Merchandise Using Blockchain-Based App

The U.S. ice hockey team LA Kings have launched their new augmented reality and blockchain authentication app.

Announced on the National Hockey League (NHL) website this Wednesday, the app will allow fans to ensure that their merchandise and memorabilia are authentic. The app was launched in partnership with Pro Exp Media Inc., using their augmented reality (AR) authentication platform.

Called the AR Authentication App, it uses blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and safety of ownership data, while using AR to recognise authentic pieces of registered merchandise. In order to use the AR Authentication App, users need to first verify their identity through the app, and then simply scan the Certicicate of Authority (CoA) sticker on the merchandise.


When a product is found to be genuine, the app plays video messages from Kings personnel, such as the Kings President and Hockey Hall of Famer Luc Robitaille, and Kings Head Equipment Manager Darren Granger. The Senior Vice President of Business Development and Brand Strategy for the Kings, Jonathan Lowe, said:

“This utilization of AR and Blockchain in the sports memorabilia realm is truly a first of its kind but – more importantly – also adds extra layers of authentication and security to the many fans who have become customers of our Game-Used product.”

The App uses a multi-factor authentication system, and if even one of the many factors does not check out, it will not verify the authenticity of the product. Merchandise ownership can be transferred through the app, and customers will still receive hard-copy Certificate of Authenticity once a product has been verified.