Aeternity announcing the Starfleet program in India at the Genesis DevCon 2019, hosted by IBC Media
Aeternity announcing the Starfleet program in India at the Genesis DevCon 2019, hosted by IBC Media. Aeternity

More than 850 participants and 45 speakers attended the first edition of India’s largest blockchain conference – Genesis DevCon 2019. The two-day event included 20 tech talks, five panel discussions and a multitude of workshops.

Hosted by IBC Media, the forum ended a six-month-long hackathon that had the goal of creating a strong blockchain developer community in India, the company announced in a press release.

Genesis DevCon covered a wide range of blockchain topics, spanning from the way the technology will change IoT, AI, and supply chains to the need for sturdy investments in the industry.


Some of the speakers who shared their expertise with the community were founder of Aeternity Yanislav Malahov, the VP of New Technology Initiatives Dilip Krishnaswamy, the CTO of Nucleus Vision Avinash Pitti, the managing director-blockchain of Accenture Sanjeev Narsipur, and senior researcher at Microsoft Research Lab Satya Lokam.

“The Genesis DevCon is truly the genesis of our efforts to create a cohesive blockchain ecosystem  in India. It is great to learn and understand the ways Blockchain can redefine how we interact and do business and can enhance business outcomes. We truly believe this can be a powerful platform to bring synergy in the ways in which blockchain is adopted in India. We are thankful to all our sponsors and partners for helping us put together the brilliant two days of pure learning,” said Raghu Mohan, co-founder and CEO of IBC Media.

During the conference we also saw Aeternity Ventures launch their Global Starfleet Accelerator program that will focus on early-stage blockchain companies in India. Companies that complete the program will stand a chance of receiving an investment from AE Ventures.

Alongside the Global Starfleet Accelerator program, the Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) blockchain network was launched by Nucleus Vision, which is an IoT and blockchain-focused company in the retail industry.

Overall, the goal of the conference was to attract developers and captivate their talent to focus on blockchain technology. Through countless applications and business opportunities, blockchain development is quite popular in India, second in the world only to the blockchain development power in the United States.