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In a post published on 23 February, the Golem Project said it will soon be announcing dedicated bounties for the creation of new payment drivers utilizing Polygon. There are currently two payment drivers on the new Golem network — regular ERC20 token payments through Ethereum, and off-chain zkSync payments implemented in the Alpha III, the latest version of the network.

All of these payment drivers require on-chain Layer 1 transactions to take payments off-chain, a process that’s neither cheap nor effective.

To find a realistic long-term solution for onboarding off-chain transactions that aren’t reliant on a manual process, the network partnered with Polygon. According to Golem’s post, Polygon will be able to provide Golem users with a different set of trade-offs that will benefit its users.


Golem plans to achieve this goal by offering rewards and bounties to developers to build this integration. The company said the main benefit of having external developers implement this payment driver is they will get to observe how others handle the modularity of Yagna, the mainnet implementation of Golem.

“This feedback will be important for us so we can get an outside perspective and improve on making Golem an even more flexible platform,” the company said.

The hackathon will begin shortly after the official mainnet release of Yagna, but the company didn’t specify a launch date.

Rebranded earlier this month, Polygol was previously known as the Matic Network. Since its inception in 2017, Matic implemented Matic Plasma Chains, a production-ready Ethereum Layer 2, and the Matic PoS Chain, a permissionless, EVM-compatible Ethereum side chain. The company processed around 7 million transactions in the past four years and onboarded over 80 decentralized applications.

The Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform will continue collaborating with Golem in addition to the payment driver. The two are engaged in conversations to see how to utilize Polygon to improve onboarding and fees on the Golem platform.

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