Gaming Startup Intends to Connect Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to Ethereum

Bitcoin maximalists and Ethereum users may not cope with each other very well, but one gaming startup is trying to smooth the differences between the two cryptocurrencies and their followers.   

The gaming startup in question is Blockade Games and on July 31 they announced that they have managed to bridge the two networks. This happened by sending a bitcoin lightning transaction in a way causing an ethereum smart contract to work.

Blockade Games ran their code on the Rinkeby testnet but aim to deploy it on mainnet during the next weeks using real ether. These tests hint intentions to add lightning network support to Blockade’s forthcoming role-playing game. The game is called Neon District and is build on top of Ethereum.


A professional opinion

Last week, Ben Heidorn, Blockade Games CTO, published a blog post in which he explained his beliefs that bitcoin and ethereum will have a huge role on our future and this is why Blockade spared no efforts with the tests. Blockade Games especially believes that Ethereum is the future of unique digital assets.

Heidorn continues in his blog post:

“We also believe that bitcoin is the future of money, and many of our players will prefer to hold most, if not all, of their funds in bitcoin. We want to make it possible to serve our biggest supporters and players on the bitcoin network while utilising all of the infrastructure present on Ethereum and other blockchain networks.”    

For this reason, Blockade wants the capability for users to send lightning bitcoin payments that will trigger ethereum events.

“By integrating bitcoin lightning network payments, we are able to accept instant payments in bitcoin directly, and instantaneously kick off a series of events on any other chain, such as minting a brand new Neon District asset to a buyer’s ethereum or Loom Network wallet”.

Heidorn stated that the code for this exclusive type of lightning transaction is not public yet, but they “will open it once we’re sure it’s ready and secure for people to pull down and use”.

As for the tension between Ethereum and Bitcoin users, Heidorn commented that to him the two cryptocurrencies are “two sides of the same coin” and finished on a positive note for the future:

“When it comes down to individuals maintaining sovereignty, privacy and autonomy, especially as crypto grows in popularity and faces greater social and political attacks, the infighting will be a thing of the past.”