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According to an announcement published on 15 April, the company has launched a suite of new products and features that aim to further attract developers to the Flow ecosystem. The company has launched Flow Playground, an interactive web interface that enables developers to write and run smart contracts and transactions in a test environment. Developers will be able to write smart contracts using Resources, the blockchain’s proprietary service that enables programmatic modeling of valuable asset ownership.

Alongside the Flow Playground, Dapper Labs also introduced a new resource-oriented programming language called Cadence. The language utilizes features from Swift and Rust, offers a strong static type system, and provides developers with resource types that redefine programmatic ownership of valuable assets.

To fuel participation in the newly launched Flow ecosystems, the company also launched Flow Alpha, a partner program for projects building on Flow.


“Together with our community, Flow can power an open and trustworthy internet for billions of consumers. We’re looking for creators, companies, and ambassadors to bring this new digital world to life,” the company said in the announcement.

Flow Alpha will offer users access to co-marketing and business development opportunities with its partners, which include the UFC and Warner Music. It will also introduce projects to investors and provide top projects with access to an accelerator led by Dapper Labs and Flow teams.

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