First AI-Powered Assistant for Digital Assets Looking to Simplify Investing

  • You can now use just text or voice messages the check Bitcoin 24-hour volume or the price of Ethereum.
  • In the next release the app will be integrated with social messaging apps such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger.
Hand drawn robotics set

Hand drawn robotics set. Freepik

Conventional users of cryptocurrency exchanges can now enjoy faster and simpler methods of managing digital assets with the best product yet from Coin, titled AIDAN, the company announced in a press release.

The Artificially Intelligent Digital Assets Ninja is intended to be an assistant that saves time and money for generations XYZ. To send and receive money is a walk in the park and needs no wallet address because assets are sent using your name or username on the site.

Likewise assets can be sent across the internet using your unique link. This Coin Assistant has shortened transactions to just a few clicks and in a shutter of the eyelids, users can in effect buy, send and exchange activities.

Apart from getting hand-held extra assistance, users can ask this Coin Assistant anything – from the price of Ethereum to the coin supply of Ripple to checking your Bitcoin balance and a digital asset’s 24-hour volume.

Managing digital assets has never been this simple as to be commanded via text or voice messages. Through AIDAN, you can send someone Bitcoin by simply typing “Send $50 BTC to Mary Jordan”.

Coin XYZ has bridged the gap and made mass adoption a near reality through the following advances in technology:

  • Buying digital assets using credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay.
  • An upcoming feature to allow users to sell and withdraw to a bank account.
  • In AIDAN’s next release, the app combines with social messaging apps like Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger and Google Home, to bring users closer to using AIDAN on their favorite social platforms.

Damon Nam, Coin CEO, expressed his excitement in advancing the Coin Assistant to the market to contribute towards shaping next generation financial services.

This further solidifies the company’s mission to simplify banking and digital assets through utilizing emerging technology in building and delivering innovative financial solutions.

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