The meetup was held in Taichung, Taiwan on January 9, where FiO senior engineer Joe Huang delivered the keynote speech and introduced the alpha version of his company’s blockchain-based platform.

The platform is SaaS-based, makes use of the latest IBM Hyperledger technology, and has three main components:

  • Token Management System – an interface built on top of Hyperledger that interacts with tokens and transaction data.
  • Multi-Cross Chain – a gateway for interoperability between different blockchains.
  • User Pattern Identification – a machine-learning tool that analyzes non-personal user data.

In short, FiO’s platform aims to help businesses create and exchange digital assets, implement custom dapps, and track and analyze user data optimally. At the developer meetup, Huang showcased the alpha version of the product and helped participants try it out for themselves.


The FiO senior engineer also talked about the convergence between blockchain and cloud services, and also shared insight into the optimal way of choosing the right cloud service platform that meets your demands.

The keynote speech ended with Huang showing how non-technical users could work with FiO’s platform without the need for any programming knowledge, but by simply using apps such as Google Sheets.

The release of the alpha version of the platform marks an important milestone for the project, says the team. Going forward, the company looks to further test and develop their blockchain tools, before releasing a “groundbreaking final product later in 2020”.

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