ConsenSys Founder Joseph Lubin Joins the Governing Board of Hyperledger

Development firm ConsenSys will become the latest premier member of the Hyperledger blockchain consortium, the company announced in a press release.

According to the announcement, Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys Founder and Ethereum Co-Founder, will also be joining the governing board of Hyperledger, which will now have 22 members. As part of the same move, the company has also submitted its Java-based Ethereum client, previously known as Pantheon, to the consortium as the project Hyperledger Besu. Brian Behlendorf, Hyperledger’s Executive Director, said:

“By submitting the code for Hyperledger Besu right out of the gate, ConsenSys is showing its support for our mission to build a broad coalition for advancing enterprise blockchain. The more technologies and members we have working together, the stronger the foundation we can collectively build for blockchain-based solutions.”


ConenSys said that it plans to work as part of the group in order to explore interoperability across blockchains, as well as promote standards to support “enterprise-grade blockchain environments”. Besu, which is also the first public blockchain-compatible submission to Hyperledger, is aimed at providing a platform for open “development and deployment”.

Hyperledger, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation, already has more than 270 members from various industries, such as finance, banking, Internet of Things (IoT), supply chains, manufacturing and technology. The open source collaborative consortium was created with the goal of advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies.