Coinbase Donates Cryptocurrency to Hundreds of Families in Venezuela

Despite everyone’s constant focus on cryptocurrency usage in the West, the technology has historically brought significantly more positive change to the less fortunate than it has to first world speculators.

The past few years have seen a surge in Dash usage throughout Venezuela, as well as multiple charitable efforts by both the Dash and the Bitcoin Cash communities in the form of social media tips, direct contributions, airdrop-style charity and many others.

The disastrous state of the economy of the country has been widely publicised, however mainstream media has yet to point out the potentially life-changing effects of cryptocurrency under the anti-human Maduro regime.

This might soon change as Coinbase has joined the effort, adding ZCash to the mix. As part of their “12 days of Coinbase” marketing campaign, they have partnered with to send $1 worth of ZCash daily to more than a hundred families in Venezuela over the course of three months.

While $1 might seem insignificant, in reality it is the equivalent of almost an entire minimum monthly salary in the troubled South American state. Coinbase clarifies that $1 can buy 1-2 kilos of protein or 2 kilos of starches or vegetables in Venezuela.

For those who see $1 as change rather than a serious sum of money, this can serve as a reminder that it costs this little to feed an entire family in need.

At the time of writing, 100% of contributions to are reaching their desired recipients, as operating costs are covered by the founders (however make sure to double check this policy, as it appears it might be subject to change in the future).