Users buying and selling assets, goods and service using smart contracts

Chainlink Network announced the launch of Chainlink Keepers, a new decentralized service that expedites hybrid smart contract innovation. According to a press release published on 5 August, the service has already gone live on the Ethereum mainnet and marks a major upgrade in the array of off-chain computation services developers can obtain through Chainlink.

Chainlink Keepers uses a decentralized network of security-reviewed and historically reliable DevOps teams that already secure tens of billions in value for the DeFi ecosystem via Chainlink Price Feeds. The nodes are selected based on a rotating job framework that ensures high uptime, low cost, decentralized execution, and expandable computation.

Aave, Synthetix, Bancor, Barnbridge, Alchemix, and PoolTogether will all use Chainlink Keepers to strengthen their protocols’ uptime guarantees and automate critical on-chain functions. 


The mainnet launch of Chainlink Keepers follows the launch of the company’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), a new standard for decentralized inter-blockchain messaging, data, and token movements. In addition to that, Chainlink also announced the launch of its Programmable Token Bridge, a decentralized service that leverages CCIP to enable developers to transfer tokens across blockchain networks.

CCIP will establish a universal connection between hundreds of blockchain networks, complementing the smart contract innovation brought on by Chainlink Keepers. 

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