Kadena Lists KDA Token On Bittrex Global, Launches COVID-19 App

  • Kadеna’s KDA token can now be publicly traded on Bittrex Global.
  • The company also launched a COVID-19 dapp and announced the scaling of their layer-1 PoW network from 10 to 20 chains.

TIXnGO Launches Blockchain-Based Health Certificates Platform

  • TIXnGO's blockchain technology already had much success in delivering tickets for sports events at scale.
  • The new platform can be hosted on a private or public cloud and battles any fraud attempts using unique IDs.

Alibaba Subsidiaries Provide Blockchain-Powered Solutions to Ease Coronavirus Panic

  • Business and local governments are working together to reduce the coronavirus epidemic with Alibaba playing the main role.
  • Many employees are encouraged to work from home as there is a risk that the epidemic may spread again after March 17.

Tael Ecosystem Obtains Medical License, Enters Vital Industry Sector

  • Tael is focused on protecting consumers in the medical industry where no fake products should be sold.
  • The Tael Ecosystem includes more than 360 technology-protected products, available in every Chinese province.

Coronavirus Spread Can Be Observed Via Acoer Application, Powered by Hedera Hashgraph

  • The Coronavirus HashLog dashboard provides info on the number of confirmed cases and the deaths and recoveries per hundred infections.
  • This is a great example of how DLT technologies can serve the healthcare and public health areas.

United Arab Emirates Are Using Blockchain For Their Health Data Platform

  • Blockchains have the ability to prevent data theft, while also allowing access to essential data when necessary.
  • The UAE have implemented a blockchain solution for their health data platform, following Estonia's positive example.

Anti-Coronavirus Foundation To Leverage Blockchain In Search Of Vaccine

  • The foundation aims to raise $30 million to fund an anyone who comes up with a vaccine.
  • The coronavirus has killed at least 17 people in Wuhan, China, with hundreds already diagnosed and the virus spreading to the United States.

New in Healthcare: Aletheia Auditing API

  • The new tool is provided by SimplyVital Health, a company focused on building trusted value-based care networks.
  • Aletheia uses smart contracts to store cryptographic hashes and metadata on public blockchain such as Ethereum and Nexus.

Chinese Blockchain Medical Bill Platform Processes $6 Billion

  • The e-bill platform is used by 480 medical institutions across the Zhejiang province.
  • It has reportedly sped up insurance payouts by 96 times, and cut down the insurance claims procedure from days to hours.

Chinese Hospital Now Uses Blockchain-Enabled Invoices

  • the Guangzhou Huadu District People’s Hospital successful launched a system which issues electronic invoices for both outpatients and hospitalization.
  • The new system also protects the hospital against fraudulent invoices, as it now makes them far harder to imitate.