Indian IT Giant Joins StaTwig on Blockchain-Based Vaccine Tracing System

  • StaTwig's VaccineLedger solution was first trialed in 2019, but will now be implemented worldwide thanks to Tech Mahindra's partnership.
  • The blockchain-based platform was designed to prevent the distribution of expired vaccines, stock depletion, and counterfeiting.

Binance Charity Assisted 20+ Countries In Their Fight Against COVID-19

  • Binance Charity's "Crypto Against COVID" initiative was able to collect $4.3 million in crypto donations, which were used to purchase more than 1.5 million PPEs.
  • The firm also used blockchain technology to make its process transparent, enabling donors to check up on their donations, and for what they were used.

IBM Uses Blockchain To Help Firms Reopen During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The new IBM app, called Digital Health Pass, will be able to use multiple data types to generate an individual's pass.
  • The pass puts privacy first, allowing its users to control the amount of data that is being shared with others.

Kadena Lists KDA Token On Bittrex Global, Launches COVID-19 App

  • Kadеna’s KDA token can now be publicly traded on Bittrex Global.
  • The company also launched a COVID-19 dapp and announced the scaling of their layer-1 PoW network from 10 to 20 chains.

TIXnGO Launches Blockchain-Based Health Certificates Platform

  • TIXnGO's blockchain technology already had much success in delivering tickets for sports events at scale.
  • The new platform can be hosted on a private or public cloud and battles any fraud attempts using unique IDs.

Alibaba Subsidiaries Provide Blockchain-Powered Solutions to Ease Coronavirus Panic

  • Business and local governments are working together to reduce the coronavirus epidemic with Alibaba playing the main role.
  • Many employees are encouraged to work from home as there is a risk that the epidemic may spread again after March 17.

Tael Ecosystem Obtains Medical License, Enters Vital Industry Sector

  • Tael is focused on protecting consumers in the medical industry where no fake products should be sold.
  • The Tael Ecosystem includes more than 360 technology-protected products, available in every Chinese province.

Coronavirus Spread Can Be Observed Via Acoer Application, Powered by Hedera Hashgraph

  • The Coronavirus HashLog dashboard provides info on the number of confirmed cases and the deaths and recoveries per hundred infections.
  • This is a great example of how DLT technologies can serve the healthcare and public health areas.

United Arab Emirates Are Using Blockchain For Their Health Data Platform

  • Blockchains have the ability to prevent data theft, while also allowing access to essential data when necessary.
  • The UAE have implemented a blockchain solution for their health data platform, following Estonia's positive example.

Anti-Coronavirus Foundation To Leverage Blockchain In Search Of Vaccine

  • The foundation aims to raise $30 million to fund an anyone who comes up with a vaccine.
  • The coronavirus has killed at least 17 people in Wuhan, China, with hundreds already diagnosed and the virus spreading to the United States.