New in Healthcare: Aletheia Auditing API

  • The new tool is provided by SimplyVital Health, a company focused on building trusted value-based care networks.
  • Aletheia uses smart contracts to store cryptographic hashes and metadata on public blockchain such as Ethereum and Nexus.

Chinese Blockchain Medical Bill Platform Processes $6 Billion

  • The e-bill platform is used by 480 medical institutions across the Zhejiang province.
  • It has reportedly sped up insurance payouts by 96 times, and cut down the insurance claims procedure from days to hours.

Chinese Hospital Now Uses Blockchain-Enabled Invoices

  • the Guangzhou Huadu District People‚Äôs Hospital successful launched a system which issues electronic invoices for both outpatients and hospitalization.
  • The new system also protects the hospital against fraudulent invoices, as it now makes them far harder to imitate.

LG Could be Expanding its Blockchain Initiatives

  • The IT subsidiary of LG has announced it will be using blockchain to foster supply chain transparency for school lunches in South Korea.
  • Earlier this month the technology giant also applied for the "ThinkQ Wallet" trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

IBM Exploring Medical Data Blockchain Solution

  • Aetna and PNC Bank, major players in the medical space, are collaborating with IBM on a project that would improve the way sensitive medical data is shared as well as make health claims and transactions more efficient.
  • The solution will be a "blockchain-based ecosystem" and was announced two days ago.