UMA Protocol Launches Optimistic Oracle

  • UMA's Optimistic Oracle enables any actor to push data on-chain, with disputes arising only if the data is found to be wrong.
  • This enables users to get fast, cheap, and accurate arbitrary data useful for complex contracts.

.Crypto Domains Now Available on Brave Browser

  • Brave's support for .crypto domains was enabled through an integration with domain name provider Unstoppable Domains.
  • Both Android and desktop Brave users will now have access to more than 30,000 decentralized sites and over 700,000 blockchain domain names.

Balancer Launches V2

  • Balancer expects its V1 to provide better prices, until a substantial amount of liquidity migrates to V2.
  • V2 will put all assets within one big vault, meaning users will have to pay gas only for going into and out of Balancer.

Umbria Launches Layer 2 DEX Alpha

  • The Layer 2 DEX features asset swapping and official liquidity pools.
  • The DEX is a modified version of SushiSwap with extra governance features.

Uniswap V3 Now Live on Ethereum Mainnet

  • The largest feature of V3 is "concentrated liquidity", which enables liquidity providers to make markets within customized price ranges.
  • The feature also aggregates individual positions into a single pool, forming one combined curve for users to trade against.

Fantom Completes Go-Opera Network Update

  • The upgrade brings faster finality, synchronization, and a simpler reward claiming process.
  • It follows a $15 million investment from HyperChain capital.

IOTA’s New Chrysalis Network is Live

  • Chrysalis has made IOTA enterprise-ready, with the protocol, wallet, and suite of libraries now fully operational.
  • This is the last major upgrade before Nectar, the complete implementation of the Coordicide modules.

BadgerDAO, RenVM Launch Bitcoin ‘Badger Bridge’

  • Ren has agreed to transition its bridge platform into the new Badger Bridge, enabling users to mint renBTC and wBTC directly onto the Badger platform.
  • The new Badger Bridge should eliminate a number of steps when it comes to earning DeFi yields with Bitcoin.

Uniswap V3 Deployed to Testnets

  • The third iteration of Uniswap is now available on the Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan, and Goerli Ethereum testnets.
  • Set to launch on the mainnet on 5 May, Uniswap V3 will introduce a number of new features, such as concentrated liquidity and a multiple fee tier system.

Flow Blockchain Launches Test Environment For Smart Contracts

  • Flow Playground is a web-based, interactive testnet that enables developers to write and run smart contracts on Flow.
  • The company also introduced a new programming language called Cadence set to make app development simpler.