Layer 2 Developer Matter Labs Closes $50M Series B

  • Led by a16z, the Series B will help the company expand its team, marketing efforts, and finance its business growth.
  • Matter Labs is currently working on its zkSync v2 technology, which will support EVM-compatible smart contracts.

iSwap Launches With 3-Second Cross-Chain Transactions

  • iSwap supports cross-chain transactions on Polygon, Ethereum, OKExChain, BSC, and HECO.
  • The platform's 3-second swaps are achieved by deploying aggregators and maintaining USDT holdings on each of the supported chains.

Microsoft Receives U.S. Patent for ‘Ledger-Independent Token Service’

  • The filing describes a "ledger-independent system that will allow developers to write code for managing tokens in a manner that is blockchain agnostic.
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Microsoft's subsidiary, Microsoft Technology Licensing, the patent on Tuesday.

Ethereum’s London Upgrade Now Live

  • The London upgrade brought with it EIP-1559, which will decrease the ETH circulating supply by burning transactions base fee.
  • While mining pool operators claim EIP-1559 will unfairly cut into their profits, proponents of the change argue it will help ETH transition to a deflationary asset.

Cardano Deploys Alonzo Hard Fork to Bring Smart Contract Functionality

  • The Alonzo White hard fork brings Cardano's smart contract era one step closer.
  • Full smart contract functionality is set to be enabled by the end of September, IOHK said

Genesis Joins Pyth Network to Provide Pricing Data

  • Genesis will be providing its cryptocurrency prices to the Pyth Network on a sub-second timescale.
  • Genesis is the latest trading firm to join Pyth, following the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX), Virtu, LMAX, and Jump Trading Group.

LCX Launches DEX Aggregator Fire Salamander

  • Fire Salamander will offer both a Basic Swap and a Pro Swap option.
  • LCX developed a new discovery and routing algorithm to support the launch of the DEX aggregator.

Bank of Israel Using Ethereum in Digital Shekel Trial

  • Sources close to the matter revealed that the trial was carried out on Ethereum.
  • Deputy Governor Abir still remains skeptical about the release of the digital shekel in the next five years.

Broadridge Launches Blockchain-Based Platform for Repo Trades

  • The distributed ledger repo (DLR) platform utilizes Daml smart contracts and is based on the VMware Blockchain.
  • It will reduce risk and operating cost by providing a secure and auditable platform for executing repo trades.

Alpha Finance Introduces DeFi Launchpad

  • The Alpha Launchpad will incubate promising DeFi projects from the ground up.
  • The addition of new talent and projects will help the company grow the Alpha ecosystem.