Aave, Balancer Build The First Asset Manager For Balancer V2

  • The Aave-Balancer Asset Manager will replenish cash amounts of tokens on Balancer by redeeming them from Aave.
  • This will enable liquidity providers to earn additional yield without swap costs.

Safello Users Can Now Buy Crypto From Their Bank Accounts

  • The development is the result of a new partnership between the Swedish-based crypto exchange and payments platform Klarna.
  • By connecting to Klarna's network of 5,000 European banks, more than 180,000 users are now able to purchase crypto directly from their bank accounts.

Wirex Partners With Zero Hash to Support U.S. Launch

  • Wirex is set to launch in the U.S. in April.
  • The company will utilize the infrastructure provided by Zero Hash to bring digital payments to 300 million Americans.

Diginex Partners With Itiviti on Crypto, Equities Trading Platform

  • By providing institutional investors with yet another onramp service, Diginex is hoping to boost the adoption of digital assets.
  • By using Diginex Access, institutional investors will be able to trade both crypto and crypto derivatives, alongside their equities positions from one platform.

Diem Stablecoin Partners With Fireblocks & First

  • The rebranded Libra network partnered with enterprise-grade digital payment platforms ahead of its Q1 launch.
  • First and Fireblocks will provide Diem with a secure wallet and infrastructure to boost institutional adoption.

LuLu Exchange, Federal Bank, Ripple Partner to Offer UAE-India Remittances

  • UAE-based LuLu Exchange and Indian Federal Bank will establish a remittance corridor between the two countries.
  • The corridor will use RippleNet Cloud to make cross-border payments faster, cheaper, and more reliable.

Unibright Integrates Hedera Tokenization Service

  • Integrating HTS will enable Unibright users to issue tokens on a globally distributed network.
  • Developers will be able to configure, mint, and manage tokens on Hedera without deploying a smart contract.

Visa Partners With Anchorage to Offer Crypto Trading, Custody

  • Visa will be testing out a new suite of crypto APIs to expand its offering.
  • Digital neobank First Boulevard will be the first one to test out the APIs, with custody services provided by Anchorage.

Reddit Partners With The Ethereum Foundation

  • Reddit has entered into a formal partnership with the Ethereum Foundation.
  • The two will work on developing the technology needed to launch Community Points and other Reddit projects on Ethereum.

China’s Blockchain-Based Service Network Partners With ConsenSys

  • Quorum will be made available in about 80 different cities through BSN’s public city nodes in mainland China.
  • ConsenSys will also cooperate with the BSN to provide a training program for Quorum in China