Trezor Integrates ChangeHero Swap Services

  • Taking advantage of ChangeHero's exchange API, owners of Trezor wallets can now seamlessly swap cryptocurrency.
  • The swaps will happen in the wallet interface itself, applying only the best rates available on the market.

Algorand, PlanetWatch Reveal a Global Air Quality Monitoring Initiative

  • Environmentally-involved people who upload sensor data into the Algorand repository will receive PLANET tokens as rewards.
  • PlanetWatch also announced that they are the first blockchain company to join CERN’s spin-off partnership program.

Monerium, Algorand Announce E-Money Partnership

  • The two companies share a common vision for real-world blockchain use cases and their collaboration aims to bring that to users.
  • Stateless smart contracts and scalable proof-of-stake consensus are just some of the valuable features that Algorand brings into this collaboration.

Trading Platform Mainbloq Integrates With Institutional Bitcoin Exchange LGO

  • Mainbloq was already working with 27 of the top crypto venues before integrating with LGO.
  • The two companies partnered in large because their visions for the future of cryptocurrencies align perfectly.

Kudelski Extends Partner Ecosystem, Advances Security in Blockchain

  • Some of the new partners are LORCA, Cossack Labs, and BlockFrame, among many others.
  • Kudelski Security also complemented an assessment for the crypto exchange of

Mediaocean, Amino Payments Partner on Responsible Advertising

  • Mediaocean is the world's foundational media software company, recently involved with blockchain technology.
  • Amino Payments will provide supply path data to Mediaocean's apps used by brands and agencies.

Blox, æternity Partner on Better Crypto Asset Management

  • Blox now runs an official node on æternity, directly working with data from the blockchain.
  • The cooperation will help æternity users better manage their crypto assets by leveraging Blox's user-friendly tools.

DLive, BitTorrent Join Forces, Unite Clients and Services

  • With the merge of users, DLive will become one of the biggest live streaming platforms in the world.
  • The Lino blockchain will still be supported until the migration to TRON is fully completed.

State Street Partners with Gemini on a Digital Assets Reporting Pilot

  • The initial trial will track a reporting process for BTC and ETH.
  • The new partnership comes only a week after State Street revealed that 38% of their clients plan to increase their digital assets holdings in 2020.

Brave Named Official Browser of the 2019 E-1 Football Championship

  • Brave's role in the tournament is providing an LED banner, AI forecasting, and awarding distinct players.
  • Brave users who participate in voting for their favorite teams will get a chance to win a ball that was used in the championship.