Agricultural Tech Firm and Logistics Veteran Join Forces to Assure Food Security

  • Demand for transparent tracking and verification of sources of food is growing.
  • UPS and HerdX successfully tracked and verified a beef shipment from Kansas to Japan.

Harbor Unlocks Liquidity for $100 Million, Partnering with iCap Equity

  • The new mechanism will make trading with these securities far easier for all 1,100 investors and and the 17 broker-dealers and placement agents.
  • When such securities are bought they require a one-year lockup per law and this partnership addresses just that.

Google Cloud Has Partnered with Blockchain Platform Cypherium

  • The new partnership will allow Google's Cloud customers to have access to Cypherium's blockchain platform.
  • The platform uses a hybrid design that features a joint Proof-of-Work (PoW) and HotStuff consensus mechanism, also adopted by Facebook's Libra.

Shinhan Bank Teams up with GroundX on a Blockchain-Based Security System

  • The bank signed a memorandum of understanding with blockchain developer Hexlant and financial technology startup GroundX.
  • GroundX will provide the underlying blockchain-based platform, while Hexlant is in charge of creating an infrastructure.

KPMG Partners with Microsoft, R3, Tomia on Blockchain Telecom Solution

  • KPMG'S blockchain solution will try to reduce the number of disputes, costs, and time involved in telecom settlements through the use of smart contracts.
  • A study shows that the estimated cost of international mobile data roaming fees could reach $31billion in 2022.

Fidelity and Amazon-Backed Blockchain Accelerator Recruit 50 Mentors

  • Startup Studio is a program that aims to help crypto-related startups to grow and advance in the business world.
  • Fifty highly respected community figures will provide mentorship.

Samsung Partners with Major Korean Firms to Develop Blockchain-Based Mobile ID Network

  • Participants in this partnership include financial services firms KEB Hana Bank, Woori Bank, KOSCOM, as well as mobile carriers KT, SK Telecom, LG.
  • The system will be developed around a consortium blockchain model, with network nodes being operated by the participating firms.

Coinfirm Partners with Ripple to Investigate XRP’s Compliance With AML Provisions

  • The new partnership will see Coinfirm investigate how the XRP cryptocurrency is being used, and rate their risk level for AML compliance reasons.
  • Coinfirm will also try to identify if a transaction has passed through a "mixer", and if the funds are coming from a known theft or hack.

Circle and Coinbase Form a Consortium to Promote USDC

  • Centre's main goal is to develop and support the USD Coin infrastructure, community and adoption.
  • Circle and Coinbase are looking for new members in their consortium.

Harmony and Chainlink in a Partnership with Big Goals

  • Harmony partners with Chainlink in a bid to take the lead in the field of highly scalable networks.
  • The partnership is aimed to ensure the integrity of off-chain data, to complement the highly-scalable and fast blockchain network already in place.