BlockSpaces, LinkUp Florida to Integrate Chainlink on NEAR Blockchain

  • BlockSpaces and LinkUp Florida received a community grant to implement Chainlink’s oracle solution into the NEAR blockchain.
  • The integration is set to support developers working on NEAR.

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BlockSpaces and LinkUp Florida became the latest recipients of the Chainlink Community Grant, which will help them integrate Chainlink into the NEAR blockchain.

According to a press release published on 18 December, the integration will enable developers working on the NEAR blockchain to build decentralized applications using Chainlink oracles.

It will also provide NEAR developers with built-in access to the Chainlink protocol, including existing solutions such as the Chainlink Price Feeds. Users will also be able to utilize Chainlink’s generalized oracle solution to create custom oracle networks that connect to a wide selection of off-chain resources.

As part of the grant, BlockSpaces and LinkUp Florida will collaborate on validating and adapting Chainlink contracts to ensure native compatibility with NEAR, as well as delivering a monitoring solution for Chainlink nodes operating on the blockchain.

The two companies will also jointly test and deploy all components to NEAR, including continual maintenance and upgrades once the integration is complete.

BlockSpaces is a blockchain solution provider centered around enterprise adoption. The company is a member of several enterprise blockchain consortiums—it’s an IBM registered business partner, an R3 Corda technology partner, and a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

A blockchain consulting group, LinkUp Florida is focused on connecting enterprise systems to distributed ledger technologies and developing innovative solutions for the Chainlink ecosystem. The company provides staking services for the Chainlink Network, Node-As-A-Service management, custom enterprise integrations, custom external adapters, and general consulting for smart contract and blockchain-based technologies.

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