Blockchain infrastructure provider Blocko has entered into a strategic partnership with Samsung, to provide the tech giant with sourcing support for its “Samsung Blockchain Service”, the firm shared with The Chain Bulletin on 21 July.

According to the announcement, the company will use its expertise in building blockchain platforms and services to provide dapps around the world with technical assistance when integrating with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. The firm has also signed an agreement with open-source blockchain platform Aergo, to expand the “Samsung Blockchain Service” ecosystem.

As a sourcing partner, Blocko aims to help existing centralized apps to provide decentralized services, as well as source apps from various industries, such as gaming, utility, finance and marketplace. In addition, the firm will also perform regular monitoring and maintenance on the dapps, and provide them with the core blockchain technology needed to run the complicated apps and services.


Aergo, on the other hand, will focus on mainnet implementations, public blockchain integration, and on business model development. The firm will also provide development and monitoring tools through its “AERGO-based Merkle Bridge technology”, which connects multiple blockchains.

The acceleration efforts of Aergo and Blocko will mainly focus on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications, due to the growing interest in DeFi apps on the Korean market. Through this effort, the firms will also help bridge “suitable” DeFi apps to the “Samsung Blockchain Service” ecosystem, and foster the adoption of blockchain technology in Korea, and internationally.

Last month, the research arm of the Islamic Development Bank partnered with Blocko, in order to build a blockchain-based smart credit management system. The partnership came as part of the E24P regional consortium, launched by Blocko and Aergo in April, which aimed to bolster the adoption of innovative technologies across the Middle East, African, and South East Asian regions.

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