Ivaylo Marinov

Ivailo has previously studied International Relations at Sofia University, but decided to pursue a career in IT and for the last ten years has been working mostly as a tech support. He enjoys learning about new technologies and developments in the IT field. His interests also include finance and politics. In his free time he loves to listen to music and go biking.

OneConnect Grants 1st Blockchain-Based Unsecured Loan in China

  • The new financing platform is backed by OneConnect, which recently got listed on the NYSE.
  • The platform works with data coming from 26 government institutions, using it to evaluate risk for more than 11 million companies.

Leading Crypto, Precious Metal Companies Create Gold-Backed Stablecoin

  • The new digital asset is titled DGLD and is currently tradeable only on Blockchain.com's The PIT exchange.
  • Initially, each DGLD token will be worth 1/10 of a troy ounce of physical gold.

Minter Demos Its Blockchain, Announces Planned Upgrades

  • In a private event, the Minter team demonstrated practical applications of their blockchain to more than 100 people.
  • More than 100,000 people are already using Minter, averaging 30,000 transactions and 10,000 users daily.

Microsoft Partners With Enjin, ENJ Price Skyrockets

  • The new partnership will award contributions of Azure cloud community members with non-fungible tokens.
  • The price of the ENJ token, the digital assets of the Enjin ecosystem, jumped 50% to reach more than $70 million market cap, right after the announcement.

South Korean Crypto Exchanges Now Heavily Regulated

  • Crypto exchanges in the country are now required to have real name virtual bank accounts.
  • Violations of the new rules can result in up to 5 years in prison and 50 million Won, roughly $42,000 USD.

Quantstamp Wins Blockchain Cybersecurity Award

  • Disruptor Daily organized the awards with the goal to profile companies providing practical blockchain-based cybersecurity tools.
  • The Quantstamp Security Network, an open-source tool that allows users to scan their smart contracts for potential vulnerabilities, won the award.

EMU Advancing the “Blockchain + 5G” Concept

  • As blockchain and 5G technologies evolve, an intertwine between the two seems more and more inevitable.
  • EMU is a 5G blockchain-based development platform advocating the "blockchain+5G" concept, looking to complement the weaknesses of one with the strengths of the other.

BCB Blockchain Pledges $300,000 to Philippine Startups

  • BCB Blockchain has committed to partnering up with the Philippine government in order to facilitate the creation and development of startups.
  • Promising to work closely with educational partners, the company further signed agreements with universities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

China Dampens Blockchain Fever with Crypto Trading Crackdown

  • China really doesn't like cryptocurrency as it once again embarks on a crackdown of digital asset trading.
  • On the other hand, blockchain technology still sits well with the state, as the country's leaders try and steer the industry towards adoption.

Hyperledger Announces 8 New Members, Host of Project Updates

  • Among the new members are companies such as Telef√≥nica, Tech Mahindra, and ETC Cooperative.
  • Hyperledger has not only hit its 15 project milestone, but has also seen growing development and traction across its different projects.