Angel Andreychev

An expert copywriter with a vast interest in blockchain technology. In the past, Angel has worked on a lot of different projects connected to article writing and news coverage. He wants to utilize his knowledge in various spheres to bring in a new color to the crypto environment.

Voyager Digital Adds Support for USDC, Algorand Standard Assets

  • Users will be able to earn up to 8.5% on Algorand-supported USDC on the Voyager platform.
  • Both companies will be working towards providing a better and more investor-friendly digital asset environment.

Compounder Finance Developers Allegedly Involved in $10.8 Million Rug Pull Scheme

  • The project’s funds were withdrawn via a hidden smart contract call function, which was set to activate at a fixed threshold.
  • A Telegram group of investors has started investigating the anonymous developers, hoping to reveal their identities and regain their investment.

xSigma To Launch Stablecoin Exchange Platform

  • The launch of the platform marks the first step towards the creation of a vast blockchain ecosystem powered by xSigma.
  • The company has gathered a team of experienced developers in order to successfully scale the project, and introduce many others in the next 12 months.

Law Firm DLA Piper Launches Security Tokenization Platform TOKO

  • DLA Piper successfully completed the first tokenization project on TOKO, featuring a fine art piece.
  • The platform's transaction ordering will be utilized by deploying a Hyperledger Fabric network in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, connecting to Hedera Hashgraph.

Chainalysis Raises $100 Million In Series C

  • The capital will be used to reach more potential clients worldwide, including government agencies and private businesses.
  • Chainalysis will continue to assist institutions with cryptocurrency finance oversight and dealing with crime-related activities.

OneConnect To Provide Blockchain Infrastructure For Two Major China Ports

  • The new platform is expected to reduce cost transportation and customs declaration costs by 30%, while integrating a lot of new smart features.
  • OneConnect will ensure that logistics data cannot be traced, reducing risks of third-party intrusions.

Chainlink Funds IRISnet To Integrate Oracle Technology Into China’s BSN

  • IRISnet will provide the required technology for the integration through its consortium blockchain product IRITA.
  • The company will also be responsible for the deployment and monitoring of all components to China's Blockchain Services Network.

Algorand Launches New Global Partner Program For Delivering Algorand-Based Products

  • Companies that join the program will be able to leverage Algorand’s resources and support to develop and deliver their blockchain-based products to the public.
  • The firm will further look into expanding the program to add more global partners, in order to integrate blockchain in bigger financial institutions.

Brave Adds Binance Widget To Android Browser

  • Brave Android users can now connect to the Binance Widget and manage their cryptocurrency assets directly through their mobile device.
  • All of the options available with the update can be utilized in a privacy-preserving and secure way.

Zcash Undergoes First Major Network Halving, Introduces “Canopy” Upgrade

  • Contrary to public expectations, future funding of the platform has been reinstated with the introduction of the new Major Grants Fund.
  • While the platform has certainly adapted to the needs of the community, institutions are still wary of potential privacy issues.