Angel Andreychev

An expert copywriter with a vast interest in blockchain technology. In the past, Angel has worked on a lot of different projects connected to article writing and news coverage. He wants to utilize his knowledge in various spheres to bring in a new color to the crypto environment.

R3 Partners With IBM To Scale Its Services Across Hybrid Cloud

  • IBM will establish an R3 center of excellence to focus on developing interoperability solutions for blockchain networks.
  • The company expressed their desire to further collaborate with other blockchain operators in order to advance their ecosystem.

VeriTX Partners With Algorand To Develop Digital Supply For Aircraft Parts

  • The VeriTX platform claimed to have reduced order-to-delivery lead time from hundreds of days to mere hours.
  • The company revealed further information on how it will digitize the manufacturing process of aircraft parts.

IDEX 2.0 Launches, Fixes UX Issues, Plans To Eliminate All Gas Fees

  • The upgrade started Phase 1 our of 3, allowing users to migrate their tokens from IDEX 1.0 to IDEX 2.0 with the help of supporting tools.
  • The new platform is said to significantly lower transaction costs and number of failed transfers, with plans to completely remove gas fees in Phase 2.

Unibright Announces New Token Model For UBT, Upgrades Payments System

  • The new UBT token will be used as “integration gas” for Unibright services, calculated and managed by Provide Payments.
  • Users will be able to buy the assets either directly from Provide or from exchanges and will have to transfer them to Unibright’s hot wallets in order to use their platform.

Report: New York DFS Reveals Twitter Cybersecurity Issues

  • After the Twitter hack earlier this year, the NY Department of Financial Services decided to further analyze the situation and make suggestions on how to prevent future security threats.
  • The adequate response from regulated crypto companies supposedly blocked the theft of nearly $1.4 million worth of BTC.

Coinbase’s Crypto Community Fund Will Sponsor Two Bitcoin Core Developers

  • The projects will be chosen based on their field of work and potential contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Companies wanting to participate in the program must first fill out a form, which will later be evaluated by an advisory board.

Forbes Now Accepts Nominations For Its 2021 Blockchain 50 List

  • Applicants have three weeks to fill out their forms and provide detailed information about their projects.
  • In order to become list members, the partaking organizations must be evaluated at at least a billion dollars and have advanced prototypes with engaged industry participants.

Marathon Partners With Beowulf Energy, Announces New Bitcoin Mining Data Center

  • Marathon’s new Bitcoin Mining Center will be sustained by a Beowulf power facility located in Montana.
  • The new partnership is said to facilitate heavy reductions in breakeven costs for Bitcoin production from the current $7,500 per token to $4,600.

Binance Launchpad To Host Injective Protocol Public Token Sale

  • Since Binance has shown strong support for the protocol throughout its development, Injective have decided on conducting their public sale on Binance Launchpad.
  • The layer-2 protocol is expected to bring tremendous change in the DeFi space and show unmatched results in terms of on-chain transaction speed and gas fees.

Bitfinex Derivatives Launches EOS, Litecoin, Polkadot Contracts

  • The addition asserts Bitfinex’s intentions of expanding into the crypto-derivatives market.
  • The inclusion of the new crypto derivatives contracts comes after last month's listing of Europe 50 and Germany 30 perpetual swaps, offering exposure to established equity markets.