Launchpad concept

Alpha Finance, the company behind the Alpha Homora platform, has introduced the Alpha Launchpad DeFi incubator program aimed at emerging DeFi projects. According to the company’s announcement published on 11 June, selected projects that pass through a screening process will be able to work with the Alpha team to launch and grow their protocols. 

The company’s in-house experts will help projects fine-tune ideas to achieve the best product-market fit, provide business and technical consulting, and guide the teams in creating innovative token economics.

The Alpha Launchpad incubator program will also benefit the Alpha Wolf community. Users that stake their ALPHA tokens will be able to get fees collected from existing Alpha products, as well as a share of the incubated projects’ tokens and protocol fees. Those using Alpha products will also be able to unlock new DeFi use cases through the incubated projects.


“Alpha Launchpad is key to drive the next growth stage at Alpha Finance Lab, grow the talent pool and developer mindshare in DeFi, improve the quality of DeFi products, and drive the speed of innovation in the DeFi industry,” said Tascha Punyaneramitdee, the co-founder of Alpha Finance. 

The introduction of the Alpha Launchpad is the latest move in the company’s expansion effort. Since the beginning of the year, the company launched a new oracle aggregator, a new tokenomics model, and expanded its Alpha Homora yield farming products to Binance Smart Chain. 

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