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According to an announcement published on 23 March, the new tokenomics model is set to bring a slew of improvements to the protocol. Users holding ALPHA tokens will be able to stake their funds to earn fees from the whole Alpha Ecosystem, regardless of which chain or layer-2 solution the product is built on. This means users will be able to stake their tokens on the Ethereum-based Alpha Homora, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) version, the Alpha Homora v2, and AlphaX.

The company behind Alpha Homora said this is the first time that a network’s tokenomics were integrated with the usage of the core underlying protocols. Once users stake their ALPHA tokens, they will be able to unlock unique features on various Alpha products. The amount of staked tokens will determine which Alpha Tier the user will be in—the higher the tier, the more unique features they can unlock.

However, it is still unknown what any of these features will be. Alpha Finance Labs said more details about each part of the ALPHA tokenomics are set to be released over the coming days.


The company said it designed the tokenomics so that it doesn’t limit the value accrual to just fees collected to the ecosystem. Instead, the value accrual is integral to the usage of the core Alpha Protocols.

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