Zilliqa & MaiCoin Team up to Create Security Token Exchange

Hg Exchange will be the name of a centralized security token exchange, a joint venture of crypto startups Zilliqa and MaiCoin. The exchange will be based in Singapore and will use blockchain tech to leverage the trading of traditional assets.

The exchange is said to be the first “member-driven exchange” in southeast Asia, seeking to bridge the gap between the blockchain space and traditional financial assets.

“It is envisaged that Hg Exchange will provide access to high-growth startups and also decacorns [companies valued above $10 billion] such as Uber, Airbnb, Space X, Grab and Didi Chuxing, which are currently not within reach of the average investor.”


Zilliqa, which is launching its own blockchain mainnet on January 31st, said that it will manifest the tokenization process of private company shares on its own network.

The Hg Exchange however, is not the first that backs traditional financial assets with crypto assets. DX.Exchange does the same thing as it covers, one-for-one, ether by publicly traded stock held by third parties.

Alex Liu, MaiCoin’s CEO, said that the combination of private equity and traditional financial assets with blockchain tech can “liquefy previously illiquid assets.”