It seems that the blockchain phone ‘concept’ is here to stay and will be made accessible to the masses in the form of a cheaper alternative announced by Huobi Global. The Acute Angle phone will have its debut in Southeast Asia with a U.S. and European premiere coming soon.   

On Tuesday Huobi introduced the ‘Acute Angle’ blockchain phone with a starting price of $515. Whole Network, a Huobi-backed startup will produce the phone. In addition, Whole Network reported that their NODE token will be listed on Huobi Prime.

Acute Angle is seen as a low-priced blockchain phone because its competitors, namely the ‘Finney’ phone from Sirin Labs, costs $1,000. In the meantime, Whole Network’s phone can be bought via HT (Huobi’s native token) at approximately half of the price.


Currently Acute Angle is selling in China, while the launch for Southeast Asia is planned for Q4 2019. The phone is working with Android OS and is expected to be introduced in the U.S. and Europe any time soon but a specific date has not yet been announced.

Livio Wend, Huobi Global CEO shared his enthusiasm about blockchain-based phones:

“We think blockchain phones are a promising area for future blockchain industry development. As the industry develops and as innovations like 5G become increasingly integrated into our telecommunications systems, we believe more and more crypto communities will want to trade and transact from mobile devices.”

The Acute Angle phone will include crypto-friendly features such as a dapp wallet, push-trade notifications, the NODE native token and optional cold-wallet plugin. Acute Angle is the premier blockchain-based phone from Whole Network, but Huobi stated that they have future plans of a whole lineup which will include 5G capabilities.

When we talk about blockchain-based phones, Whole Network is joining the company of Sirin Labs and Samsung. Samsung actually added bitcoin capabilities into their Samsung SDK just last month.