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One of the oldest exchanges in the world, the Vienna Stock Exchange, has finally provided its customers with exposure to a Bitcoin product, the firm said in a press release on 1 September.

With the addition of 21 Shares‘ Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), the Wiener Börse has now officially become the third regulated market around the world to offer digital asset products to its clients. The new listing also means that all three countries in the “DACH” region, namely Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH), will have access to 21 Shares’ ETP products, “ABTC” and “AETH”.

The firm’s CEO, Hany Rashwan, said in a statement:


“We are happy to share that Bitcoin is now accessible everywhere for both retail as well as institutional investors across the entire DACH region. This listing in Austria now gives all German-speaking countries easy exposure to this asset class. Outside the DACH region, no other jurisdiction globally provides such comprehensive and ample access to Bitcoin.”

The Vienna Stock Exchange also noted that the new listing will allow local investors to benefit from the advantages a stock market can offer in crypto trading, such as “monitored, regulated, and transparent trading with real-time information and secure settlement via their regular brokers”.

These are not the only news connected to the institutional adoption of cryptocurrency though. The same day the Vienna Stock Exchange announced their listing, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) revealed their plans to list a price indexes for BTC and ETH. Created in partnership with crypto data firm CryptoCompare, the indexes will not allow SGX users to trade cryptocurrency. They will instead provide price feeds for other Singaporean firms, which wish to launch their own BTC or ETH product.

CryptoCompare’s Commercial Director, James Harris, said in a press release:

“Our mission is to bring greater transparency to the digital asset class by providing high quality, trusted data and indices. We are delighted to work in partnership with SGX to offer greater global access to institutional-grade digital assets products on Asia’s leading multi-asset exchange.”

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