The famous soaring eagle statue at the University of North Texas
The famous soaring eagle statue at the University of North Texas.University of North Texas

As of yesterday, the University of North Texas (UNT) at Dallas has embraced blockchain by allowing its students to control who views their academic records via GreenLight Credentials. 

UNT Dallas is a public university which offers upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in numerous disciplines. It is the fastest-growing public university in the state of Texas and is one of the most affordable four-year universities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Statistics show that its students have the lowest debt upon graduation.

UNT Dallas is currently concentrated on expanding its admission and encouraging student achievements. The university management wants to provide first-class education, which transforms young people into qualified professionals without increasing their taxes.  


GreenLight Credentials is the biggest blockchain for academic records. It is currently securely storing 2 million records of students. The digital platform provides smooth, immediate and protected validation of records and thus eliminates access barriers for colleges and prospect employment.

Through GreenLight, students can save and share verified records such as transcripts, with whoever they want, all over the globe. Using blockchain for such purposes spares both time and money and keeps everything transparent.

UNT Dallas President Bob Mong commented: 

“Students are now just a click away from instantly accessing their transcripts around the clock. We are proud to be the first four-year university in the nation to partner with GreenLight, and we’re excited to bring the simplicity and convenience of this resource to our UNT Dallas students. GreenLight puts the power directly in the hands of our students.”

In addition, GreenLight aids UNT Dallas’ enrollment officers in finding and enrolling young people from the region. Until now, high schools and college students who are using GreenLight were already sharing their records with UNT Dallas, but now the university can grant access to its students themselves.

Manoj Kutty, CEO and Founder of GreenLight Credentials noted:

“President Mong’s leadership was instrumental in launching GreenLight, so it is especially thrilling to see GreenLight launched at UNT Dallas.”

UNT Dallas report that hundreds of its students at present had shared their records with employers.