Bitcoin cryptocurrency on a Twitter social media logo

It appears that Twitter will attempt to implement a Bitcoin (BTC) tipping function for its content creators according to multiple sources.

On Tuesday, MacRummors reported that the latest Twitter beta indicated that BTC could soon become part of “Tip Jar”, which was released back in May as a way for users to reward content creators on the social media platform. The information was later confirmed by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who released a leaked image of what the Service could look like.

In its post, MacRummors also claimed that the new BTC feature will make use of Strike to “generate Bitcoin Lightning invoices”, which if true means creators will need to create a Strike account to receive tips. It also seems that the service will be compatible with both custodial and non-custodial wallets for storing BTC.


While still unconfirmed, the BTC tipping feature falls in line with what Twitter, and it’s CEO Jack Dorsey, have been saying for a while. Back in July, Dorsey implied during the Twitter Q2 Earnings Call that Bitcoin could soon appear on Tip Jar, and could also be used in other features, such as Super Follows, Commerce, and Subscription.

Last month, Dorsey also stated that his future plans involved the creation of a new decentralized Bitcoin exchange, which will be developed by “TBD”, a unit of Square. Back in July, both Dorsey and Jesse Dorogusker confirmed the rumors that Square was building an “assisted-self-custody” BTC hardware wallet.

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