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Users of the largest data analysis tool for financial markets, TradingView, can now make detailed charts of the Uniswap protocol, the company said on Twitter on 14 October.

According to the announcement, TradingView will finally provide its users with access to market data from the largest DeFi protocol out there, Uniswap. TradingView further stated that for now its platform will provide information on the top 100 most liquid pairs on the protocol, a move that will definitely help grow the network of investors and traders on the platform, which already counts more than 10 million traders.

In the past year, Uniswap has made a big splash in the crypto space. Back in September, the decentralized exchange announced the launch of its governance token, dubbed UNI, which resulted in Ethereum gas fees skyrocketing to 800 gwei. In August the firm revealed that it had secured $11 million in a Series A funding round, which would mainly be used to grow the platform’s team with the goal of creating the third version of the exchange.


Founded in 2011, TradingView is one of the largest data analysis tools on the market, powering over 40,000 websites and providing social network as well as market analysis tools to over 10 million traders. Back in February, the platform announced its integration with the Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, which allowed its users to trade cryptocurrencies through their Gemini accounts, accessible via the platform’s Trading Panel and Brokerage Section. Another similar integration, announced in May, was with one of the oldest crypto exchanges, HitBTC.