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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the worlds largest business organisation, is partnering up with the blockchain startup Perlin to support blockchain adoption among its 45 million members.

As announced in a press release, Perlin will now have access to ICC’s members, including leading companies such as Amazon, CocaCola, FedEx, McDonalds and PayPal. The 100 year old institution will help its members, spread across 130 countries, make use of Perlin’s blockchain platform, which will strive to improve supply chain processes at member firms, making them more traceable and transparent. John Denton, secretary general of the ICC, stated:

“The ICC has always been committed to empowering our members to achieve the highest levels of corporate excellence and continuing innovation. In collaboration with Perlin, which leads the field in blockchain and distributed ledger development, we can help facilitate practical and truly disruptive transformation for businesses across every conceivable industry sector.”


While the partnership will take different forms, it will mainly focus on value chain traceability. Tracking goods through their stages of production and delivery, also referred to as data provenance, has already seen a considerable uptake from the blockchain sector, with solutions improving entire supply chains.

According to the press release, Perlin is already working with Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), a sustainable materials producer, on a blockchain pilot called “Follow Our Fibre”, which will allow APR customers to monitor key stages of production, from planting to delivery. By providing “permanent data on a secure blockchain database”, APR will ensure it is compliant with relevant regulatory and industry based standards and certification.