Liuzhou Suiseki Hall at Tianjin University Research Institute
Liuzhou Suiseki Hall at Tianjin University Research Institute. Arch2O

Beijing Hoopox Information Technology Co. (Hoopox) and Tianjin University Blockchain Lab Fund founded a modern blockchain technology laboratory for scientific research. The laboratory idea came to life after a donation by Hoopox. The official ceremony was held on January 14th at Tianjin University.

Some of the attendees at the ceremony were very important people, such as the Secretary of Tianjin University Party Committee, Jiajun Li and the CEO of Hoopax, Haobo Ma, among leaders from the local and national government.

At the event Jiajun Li showed appreciation to Hoopox for the support of the university’s scientific research activities in the field of blockchain technology. Hoopox is a Beijing-based company that provides technical services connected to blockchain systems, infrastructure and specialized industries.


Jiajun Li noted that the laboratory will not be used only by the Intelligence and Computer Science department but its resources will be available to all kinds of colleges and organizations. The university targets to mix Tianjin University’s intellectual resources with the market strength of Hoopox while actively supporting the development of the laboratory.

Haobo, in his turn, noted that Hoopox believes that such industry-university-research acts of collaboration will help to create a corporate development plan that will unify great minds, technology, markets, and investments. The company wants to collaborate with the university in creating a market-driven, technological friction that will be beneficial to all.

The blockchain laboratory will run on a broad R&D development model that relies on the idea of integrated resources and complementary advantages based on voluntary fairness and joint advancement. They plan to explore fields such as supply chain management, internet of things, the medical industry, information security, finance and others.

Peiyang University, which is the formed name of Tianjin University, is the first Chinese university following the modern path of advancement. It is among the first 16 universities that were accredited by the government in 1959. Currently it is ranked in the top 10 Chinese universities, while its computer science is classified in the top 1% of the world.

Hoopox is a member of the aelf Innovation Alliance, has a commercial license and has been assigned the task to develop the aelf blockchain system. The system does not rely on any other blockchain technology and is entirely created independently by Hoopox.