The 2018 TEAMZ Blockchain Summit stage
The 2018 TEAMZ Blockchain Summit stage at the Warehouse Terrada in Tokyo, Japan. Wikimedia

The TEAMZ Blockchain Summit will take place on 22 April 2020, in Happoen, Shirokanedai, Tokyo.

The largest blockchain event in Japan gathers technology experts, investors, regulatory firms, venture capital funds, investment banks and others. The summit focuses on the forthcoming blockchain developments, expansion of blockchain in an increasing number of industries, investment strategies, and support and collaboration opportunities for quality projects on a global level.

This year’s theme is “Taking Action On The New Era Of Technology” and the forum’s topics and discussions will orbit around tasks that need to be completed as part of the new era to help the fast-growing blockchain industry in Japan.


At a glance

The TEAMZ summit started in 2018 and has been held every year since. It was actually in 2019 when the gathering made its premier overseas expansion thanks to the Malaysian government and the Royal Family.

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit 2020 expects more than 3,000 visitors, with 60 speakers and 120 investors also taking part in it. 50 of the biggest media platforms are expected, as well as more than 50 exhibiting projects, bloggers and influencers from all parts of the world.

Some of the most interesting names amongst speakers who previously attended the summit are Roger Ver (CEO of, Franklyn Richards (Director of, Motoaki Nishiwaka (Evangelist of Microsoft Japan), Joe Zhou (senior vice president, HKEX), Charles Hoskinson (founder of Cardano, co-founder of ETH), Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia) and Anthony Pompliano (co-founder of Morgan Freak). It is expected that this year many of these names will return, accompanied by a fresh set of CEOs and leaders.

When we talk about big companies participating in the summit we must mention IBM, Microsoft, HUBLOT, Genesis Group, Fujitsu, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Boardwalk Capital, Accenture, DMM Bitcoin, Litecoin, LINE, and Node Capital, among others.

It will be a full-on blockchain topics week as the Tokyo Blockchain Week is planned to be held right before and after the TEAMZ Summit. The Tokyo Blockchain Week includes voluntary exhibition events by various local and foreign projects, and companies that are part of the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit.