Tata’s IT Arm Launches New Blockchain App Development Kit

  • The new Quartz DevKit can purportedly make building blockchain apps 40% faster.
  • It comes with pre-built templates and a built-in tool to scrutinize developers’ smart contracts, which keeps the code in “best in class” standards.
Vivekanand Ramgopal, Vice President and Head of Financial Solutions at Tata Consultancy Services

Vivekanand Ramgopal, Vice President and Head of Financial Solutions at Tata Consultancy Services at the 2019 Payments Canada Summit. Payments Canada

IT services giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) claims that its newly released Quartz DevKit can reduce blockchain apps development time by 40 percent, the company said in a press release on 16 December.

According to the announcement, the Quartz DevKit is an “intuitive, low code development kit”, which will allow enterprises to quickly build and deploy blockchain applications on any popular blockchain.

The company claims that the kit helps programmers write smart contracts 40 percent faster for blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3’s Corda, and Ripple.

Ramgopal Vivekanand, global head of Quartz at TCS, said:

“Many of our customers, across industries, are leveraging blockchain technology to establish frictionless transactions across their extended ecosystem. We developed the Quartz DevKit to help their teams rapidly put together high-quality pilots using smart contracts on any platform with reduced coding effort. We have received very positive feedback from our pilot customers, and are pleased to make the DevKit available for use at scale.”

TCS’ new product offers features such as pre-built templates, that can be tailored with code extensions, administration, deployment, platform security authentication, encryption, node, identity and user management.

The company also claims that the DevKit has a built-in tool to scrutinize developers’ smart contracts, which helps keep the code in “best in class” standards.

The DevKit is only a part of TCS’ Quartz suite of products, which aim to simplify the development of blockchain products and integrations for enterprises.

The company also offers the Quartz Gateway, which enables the integration of existing solutions with blockchain, and the Quartz Command Center, which is a tool for administration and monitoring.

This is not the first time that TCS has worked with blockchain technology. Back in April, the company claimed to have completed a trial using its Quartz blockchain solution to facilitate cross-border securities settlement between two central securities depositories.

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