The safe marketplace of protected consumer goods that uses blockchain technology – Tael Ecosystem is expanding its portfolio with products from the healthcare industry. Tael announced that it obtained its medical license through Techrock, a company part of the ecosystem and will now protect a very important for the community business sector.

This milestone is part of the Tael Ecosystem 2020 roadmap, which was published some weeks ago.

Some of the premier products that will be included in the Tael Ecosystem as part of the medical section are preventive commodities like contraceptives, and adult toys. As noted on Tael’s website the ecosystem already includes more than 360 Tael technology-protected SKUs that are accessible to thousands of ecosystem users across 491 cities in every province of China.  


Healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, and adult lifestyle products need a reliable protective solution as they are often counterfeited. If we add the worrying fact that sometimes consumers who need medical attention and are prone to health risks receive fake products – we can come to the conclusion that this is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed. This is the mission of Tael’s Ecosystem – to work against this status quo and use blockchain technology and state-of-the-art RFID to protect users.

“The acquisition of a Class II medical devices license is the first step in a significant expansion which will see us tapping into not just new product categories but a new industry altogether,” shared co-founder and CEO, Alexander Busarov. “Protecting consumers through our technology has always been our primary goal and we’re excited to share the names of brands joining our platform as we finalize agreements.”

Tael’s anti-counterfeit stickers are placed on the wrap of the product right at the packaging location so consumers can be sure of its authenticity. Users can authenticate the product by scanning the label with their phones and will receive ‘Tael points’ as a reward. These rewards are a component of the Tael Ecosystem loyalty system and can be then exchanged for discounts on the platform.

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