Debit card with bitcoin on a dark background

U.K. card manufacturer has partnered with Simplex to launch a Visa debit card, according to a Simplex press release from 26 July. The debit card will enable users to spend their cryptocurrencies just as they would spend their fiat, and will work on any POS terminal where Visa cards are accepted, with the transactions settled in fiat currencies.

“We are incredibly excited to be supporting Simplex with empowering their clients and users with the ability to spend cryptocurrencies on their Visa debit cards,” said Emily Lovelock, the Head of Sales at “We’ve worked closely with the team at Simplex to match their unique offering with an innovative card design.”

A leading card manufacturer in the U.K. and European market, offers its users a full end-to-end physical card solution. Simplex’s upcoming Visa debit cards will feature a bespoke design with green metallic-colored edging, bespoke lamination plates, and pearlescent inks.


Founded in 2014, Simplex is an E.U. company that specializes in providing fiat infrastructure to the crypto industry. The company pioneered the industry’s first riskless global fiat onramp using credit and debit cards and was among the first to offer a zero-chargeback guarantee. Simplex is also a Principal Member of the Visa network. 

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