SIMBA Chain’s User-Friendly Platform Assists Portland State University Students

  • Simba Chain’s SCaaS platform does not require any extensive programming skills.
  • As one of the first blockchain-related university programs, the Business Blockchain Certificate program allows its students to create and deploy Web 3.0 dapps.
Portland State University

Portland State University. Rosa Say/Flickr

As many people lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tech-oriented job applicants may still keep their hopes high. According to an article published by Forbes titled “Inside Blockchain’s Coronavirus Hiring Spree”,’s blockchain and cryptocurrency-related job entries have grown by 9% while their remote versions have grown by 42%.

The people at Portland State University are very glad to hear that firms are welcoming jobseekers who search for blockchain experience as during the previous winter, in cooperation with blockchain innovator SIMBA Chain, the university established their Blockchain in Business Lab.

SIMBA Chain provides a cloud-based Smart Contract as a Service (SCaaS) platform, which allows the building and deployment of Web 3.0 dapps. The company won First Source Bank’s 2019 Commercialization Award and the 2019 TechPoint Mira Award for New Product of the Year.

The platform has been already accepted by enterprises and the U.S. government before being deplored by the Portland State University to be used in its online Business Blockchain Certificate program. SIMBA Chain is very suitable for this case because it does not require extensive programming skills and still lets you create a concept, develop, and deploy dapps.

When working with cutting-edge technology such as blockchain, all hands-on experience is vital for both business students and computing majors as they need to experience the benefits that come from it.

“Like any new technology, it’s important for people to dive in and actually use it,” explained David Wasson, SIMBA Chain’s education program lead. “Portland State is enabling students who have literally no coding experience to create relatively complex smart contracts and dapps.”

As one of the first schools in the country with a blockchain curriculum, it seems that Portland State School of Business has clearly predicted this demand for graduates who work on blockchain business applications. In addition, the university is among the first to use SIMBA Chain in its coursework.

When we dive into SIMBA Chain, we see a smooth drag-and-drop user interface, which automatically builds the code and APIs required for dapp creation. The dapps are then uploaded to a platform supported by SIMBA Chain, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, Quorum, and RSK.

Kristi Yuthas, professor and founder of the Business Blockchain Certificate program at Portland State, also commented on the good news:

“SIMBA Chain offers the perfect entrée into building blockchain dapps. Students can easily design smart contracts for complex business processes and then study and modify the auto-generated code before taking their projects live. The hands-on experience offered by SIMBA Chain adds tremendous value to our program.”

Portland State University’s Business Blockchain Certificate program intrigues many skillful people who want to broaden their expertise. Pharmaceutical industry executive and student in the course, Tara Rubin, shared her impressions of the program:

“Simba Chain provided a valuable, in-depth look into building and deploying of blockchain dapps. The asset and transaction model was especially interesting, as it allows the user to build relational charts.”

Another student, Dr. Skye Lininger, who is also a CEO and entrepreneur said:

“Using SIMBA Chain in the lab provided an understandable way to create smart contracts and applications, and learn how they deploy and interact with a blockchain platform.”

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