On June 30, Pundi X released an official statement, announcing that the first supported mobile payment app on their blockchain-based point-of-solution device XPOS will be the payment giant PayPal.

The decision was taken by running a Twitter poll, asking the company’s followers which mobile payment application they would want to be the first one supported on the XPOS. With a majority of 67 percent, PayPal was the single most-desired platform by Pundi X users.

Pundi X is a blockchain development platform running on the Ethereum mainnet. Their goal is to make real-world cryptocurrency transactions as accessible as buying a bottle of water by using point-of-sale devices (POS), specifically designed to perform such functions. One of their most successful projects, the so-called XPOS solution, will soon be available for developers on multiple financial systems, providing them with the opportunity to co-create a borderless digital currency payment ecosystem.


After more than two decades of being the single largest online payment application, PayPal will now be included on all XPOS devices. Accepting payments will happen via email or mobile phone, whereas in the United States, merchants will only need to show a QR code for their customers to pay.

The deployment of PayPal on XPOS is said to happen in two consecutive stages. As of now, merchants in the United States can apply for PayPal Here inclusion by sending their IMEI numbers to the Pundi X support team. For the activation to become valid, merchants are required to have a PayPal Business account set up.

According to the official announcement, XPOS merchants should have a PayPal app directly on their devices after a system upgrade two weeks from now. On the occasion of this announcement, the CEO and Co-founder of Pundi X, Zac Cheah, expressed his optimistic views on the expansion of the cryptocurrency accessibility for XPOS users and publicly supported the project.

“Aside from better transactions, of course, we see cryptocurrency as something that promotes financial inclusion. Combine PayPal’s massive user base with the fact that our XPOS® devices are now operating in 30+ markets globally and you could start seeing situations where dealing in crypto is as trouble-free as buying a bottle of water,” he commented on the latest successful integration of the blockchain solution.