PancakeSwap, Cream Finance Experiencing DNS Hijacks

  • Both platforms are experiencing a DNS hijack at the moment, with the malicious actor requesting users provide their seed phrases.
  • The issue is already being investigated, with both Cream Finance and PancakeSwap warning users to keep away from the websites until it is resolved.
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Popular DeFi applications PancakeSwap and Cream Finance have warned their users not to interact with their websites due to a possible DNS hijack.

According to tweets from both DeFi applications, it is possible that a malicious third party has compromised both platform’s DNS servers. Some users have already reported seeing requests for their 12-word seed phrases — that are unique for each crypto wallet — which iis an obvious attempt at stealing their crypto investments.

The platforms have confirmed that user’s funds will remain safe, as long as they do not enter their seed phrases. Both PancakeSwap and Cream Finance are currently working or regaining control over their DNS servers.

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