Ledger Nano S Now Supports Ethereum 2.0

  • The update brings support for EIP2333, enabling users to sign deposit contract transactions for Ethereum 2.0 directly on the Nano S.
  • Other features in version 2.0.0 are geared towards improving the UI and UX.
Ledger hardware wallet on laptop

Ledger hardware wallet. Shutterstock

Ledger announced the new firmware update on 4 May, saying that it will bring about a new “onboarding flow.” According to the announcement, the objective behind the update was to double down on product and security understanding.

Namely, version 2.0.0 simplifies the step of writing down the 24-word recovery phrase by including additional screens before and after the phrase display and confirmation. The phrase itself has also been simplified and shortened and now consists of a choice among 4 words for each of the 24 words. 

The update also includes a progress bar that is displayed on the device screen when downloading applications. The PIN lock and screensaver activation timings can now be separately set in the security settings. 

However, the biggest update to the firmware comes in the form of the Control Center and the introduction of Ethereum 2.0 support. The Control Center feature found in the Nano X Ledger wallet has been ported to the Nano S, enabling users to access the settings, lock their device, and delete applications directly from the device. 

After being released on the Ledger Nano X, the Nano S also received support for the seed derivation algorithm EIP2333. The addition of the new cryptographic functionality will allow users to sign deposit contract transactions for Ethereum 2.0 directly on their Nano S. 

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