The cybersecurity branch of Kudelski Group – Kudelski Security announced a big expansion to its partner ecosystem. With this extension the company will be able to cope with the increasing demand for privacy apps and product security that use Kudelski’s competence in blockchain development, cryptography, and IoT system deployment.

Kudelski Security was preparing to meet a growing number of inquiries for assessments, code audits and secure development and the launch of its Blockchain Security Center in January just made these efforts official.

The number of systems which use blockchain-related technologies is growing daily and their success and viability relies on the security of both the supply chain and the data they transmit.


More companies realize how important security is and understand the need to utilize modern technologies so they can navigate successfully through the next industrial revolution. This of course creates the need for advanced security products and services.

Andrew Howard, CEO of Kudelski Security explained:

“As digital business transformation initiatives accelerate, we are seeing a growing demand for our security by design expertise. Our strategy to meet this need has been to build out a global partner network of specialized expertise that complements our strengths in cryptography, IoT, and blockchain. Our expanded bench of partners work with us to bring additional hardware and software expertise in supply chain security, full-stack exchange testing, smart contract auditing, cryptography, and legal smart agreements.”

Just a while ago Kudelski Security accomplished an industry-leading security assessment for’s exchange. The platform was one of the first to launch a security-by-design approach to its services.

Jason Lau, CISO at commented:

“Engaging with Kudelski Security in the assessment provides additional assurance that our systems are safeguarded from multiple cyber threats and indicates to users and investors that our commitment to cybersecurity in the crypto space is absolute.”

This assessment is not only a benchmark valuable for the whole industry but it should also stimulate other digital asset exchanges to notice the flaws that are genetic to centralized systems.

“As more users begin trading in cryptocurrencies, it is extremely important to perform testing at levels similar to the most secure banking environments,” noted the head of Kudelski Security’s Blockchain Security Center, Scott Carlson. He continued:

“As machine-driven interactions increase in our lives, particularly with our private and personal data, systems must be designed with security in mind from the very beginning.” is just one of the many partners from all around the world Kudelski Security worked with, to extend the firm’s specialized security ecosystem and enhance its Blockchain Security Center offerings. Some of the other companies they collaborated with are:

  • Accord Project – an open-source software, allowing users to create smart legal contracts on a tech-neutral platform.
  • BlockFrame – uses blockchain technology to set up an eco-secure framework for managing cybersecurity across a supply chain.
  • Cossack Labs – helps companies protect data, prevent data leakage and comply with regulations by offering data security tools, solutions and custom engineering.
  • ChainSecurity – security experts from ETH Zurich who develop tools and provide services to ensure every blockchain project is secure.
  • Ledger – provides top notch security to critical digital assets for consumers, institutional investors and industrial companies.
  • LORCA – builds England’s international cybersecurity profile while supporting promising innovators in scaling and growing solutions.
  • Providentia Worldwide – bridges the gap between High Performance Computing and Enterprise Hyperscale computing through technology and solutions consulting.
  • River Loop Security – uses cutting-edge research and engineering to create practical solutions which secure products at any stage of development and deployment.
  • X41 D-SEC – a company with extensive industry experience and expertise in the field of IT security, a highly effective security team of world class security experts enables X41 to perform premium security services.

Kudelski Security’s team has more than 30 years of experience in cryptographic design, and are currently working on point of sale technology creation, blockchain coin design, thorough audits of application code and cryptographic algorithms.

Furthermore, the new Blockchain Security Center is creating a suite of broad cryptographic solutions, developer tools to support the entire blockchain ecosystem and full-stack enterprise blockchain security recommendations.

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